Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200, YACEP

For me, yoga is a metaphor for life and how we react to it-- a medium for learning one's deepest truths and dealing with emotions that arise from moving different areas of the body. It is a practice that can have profound effects on all parts of the self: the mind, body and spirit. I see yoga as a balancing act-- a pendulum of energy that goes from creating tension to actively releasing. It is a practice of finding ease in things that are not always easy. In yoga, we can always get out of a pose when it gets too difficult or uncomfortable, but we don't always have that luxury off the mat. When we are able to sit in our discomfort and learn to handle what comes up, we can truly cultivate growth and peace. That realization is what transformed my yoga practice from physical to spiritual. 


I first found yoga in 2009 and laughed when the instructor said, "Find your place of pleasant tension." I considered it a contradicting statement, as the tension I was feeling was in no way pleasant. A few years later I finally understood what he meant-- reach your edge without crossing it-- a philosophy I now use frequently. I earned my first 200hr-RYT certification through Larry Thraen's YTT program, Bodhin Yoga: The Yoga of You and my second 200hr-RTY through Four Dragons Institute with Kim Taurins. I then completed my Prenatal Training with Amy Bidrman through Yogiños: Yoga for Youth. I've continued my education with various advanced studies, including a Yin certification, restorative yoga training with Judith Lasater, Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy course, and Anna Forrest's Healing Injuries Workshop.


My yoga journey allowed me to find a second passion, Acro Yoga, in 2015. Acro Yoga blends the wisdom of Yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the kind touch of healing arts through Thai Massage. I enjoy teaching students how to see the yin and yang of yoga and Acro by applying yogic principles to this partner acrobatic practice. I love how a personal yoga practice allows one to look inward, while a partner practice uses one's insights and communication to calibrate with others.

In my classes, I offer students a safe space to feel empowered with their bodies and embrace their journey, reassuring that where they are today is exactly where they need to be. Having experienced various injuries in my body, I have a high interest with yoga's role in injury rehabilitation and prevention. I keep in line with this realm of thought, inviting students to create their own practice by moving and listening to their bodies with the intention of longevity and self-care.  My teaching style focuses on using a well-rounded practice to release blockages in the body for energy to flow freely, regardless if there is an arm balance or not. All poses can be made active. My goal is to offer students an experience to help them achieve a state of peace, clarity, and ease that they didn't have when they walked in.

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