If you lay in the mud, you're going to be covered in mud

: The accountability of energetics It is easy for us to feel like victims to our bodies. Besides the common "Fine, thanks," when we're asked how we're doing, some of us drudgingly respond with our bodily aches and pains or things that have gone wrong in our day. I know, because I, myself, am guilty of it. But what would happen if instead, we focused on the plethora of things that are going well in our lives?  You may have heard the quote, "Where attention goes energy flows; where intention goes energy flows!” by James Redfield, or by others who have stated similar words.  In those times when you are feeling like crap, have you ever thought about if you have been acting as such? Take accountability for your energy. Sure, health and nutrition plays a role. But if you dedicate your energy supply to negative thoughts and emotions, that will have an affect on your mood. And how you feel is a reflection on where you put your energy and focus. A metaphor to put it into perspective: if you lay in the mud, you're going to be covered in mud. So don't then wonder why you're dirty. 

Some food for thought, and possibly a exercise to try. Fill yourself up with empowerment and focus on things that will make you smile (better yet, start with actually smiling, as that will set the tone for positive thinking and a lighter heart).

What is going well today?

What brings me joy?

What in my body feels great today?

This is typically easier said than done because our minds have fallen into patterns of negative thinking-- we often don't even realize we are doing it. But even cultivating the awareness a few times a day can radically shift the way you think, feel, and interact with yourself and others. If that still feels difficult, simply start noticing the positive behaviors of those around you. Acknowledge those bright spots in others, and try to mimic those behaviors. 

Only you have control over your attitude. As the saying goes, energy will flow where your attention goes. You may be surprised by the shift in how you feel when you change the filter on your glasses and start viewing the world from a different perspective. It just might get a little brighter.

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